<span id="date">_06/12/11_</span> <span id="title">Sleepy</span>
As foretold in yesterday's caption, I took my 300mm f/4 to the zoo today. I had a lot of fun photographing the animals, and there was quite a bit of action. The hippo, Komodo dragon, tigers, orangatans, tortoises, mountain goats and more were all doing stuff! This koala was not, but it's my favorite photo from the day. I mean, look at it! So adorable!
I'm still pretty happy with the lens, but for my upcoming Africa trip I think I might go with the 70-300mm zoom instead. It's a whole stop slower, but it's half the weight of the 300mm f/4. I'll be sure to keep you posted, don't you worry.

<a href="http://www.jawsnap.net/Animals/Los-Angeles-Zoo/17602806_q36Rb6">More Zoo Photos!</a>

<a href="http://www.jawsnap.net/Daily/year3/11272102_ACXDJ#899023424_iPyQf">[last year]</a>
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